How to Build a Modelling Portfolio?


A model portfolio is one of the main tools for success in the modelling industry and one of the first ways a client will decide if they want to work with you or if an agency is interested in representing you.

Do I Need a Modelling Portfolio? 

Yes, you do!

Think of it as a well put together CV which will either make you stand out against the crowd or won’t- this is what helps clients decide whether they want to work with you or not.


What Do I Put in My Modelling Portfolio? 

A successful, strong portfolio needs to consist of at least 3-4 strong, high-quality tests.
It’s important to cover all areas- studio, location, editorial, beauty, fitness, lingerie/swim and video.
The more diversity the better as clients wants to see how adaptable you are as a model.


Before You Start… Have a Muse!

It’s important to know what type of model you want to be and remember it throughout the process of building your book and ‘model persona’. Have a muse, someone you look up to, study their portfolio, client base, social media presence and take inspiration from that. Do you know which clients you’re dying to work for in the future? Study their websites, how the models are styled, how they pose, what sort of energy they have. 


Nail the Photoshoot! 

Make sure you are well prepared for each shoot you’re doing. Having mood boards and Pinterest boards saves is super useful as you can share it with the other creatives involved to make sure you’re on the same page and everyone is getting what they need out of the shoot. When you’re shooting on a TFP basis (time for print- it means everyone involved is doing it for free) make sure you studied the photographers/MUAs work and their work is good quality. 

Things to consider before shooting:



Time of Day (Sunrise or Sunset?)




Remember safety – keep your charged phone, have money on you, bring a chaperone if under 16,  do you know the style of the shoot and have you set clear boundaries? Never shoot anything you’re uncomfortable with and let someone know exactly where you are at all times! Your booker is always available if you feel uncomfortable and you can end the shoot at any time.


Your Instagram is also a Portfolio 

These days, your Instagram account is just as important as your portfolio– treat it as a free book that you’re the curator of! Make sure the top 4 rows are always super strong and eye-catching- clients and other creatives love to look for talent on social platforms and this is where a lot of castings and scouting happens. 

Remember to make sure your content is varied, viewers love to see a mix of personality/hobbies/video/selfies. Make use of all of the platform’s features too- fun reels, chatty IGTVs, saved highlights and regular stories help with engagement. 

Now you have a perfect modelling portfolio – apply to J’adore Models today!

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