How to Get Scouted for Modelling – A Quick Guide

Model scouts may be lurking around your city centre and you don’t even know it!

It is extremely difficult to know if you will be spotted by the right person at the right time so don’t leave it to chance – decide to work at your goal of becoming a model through hard work, commitment, and dedication!

Do you feel you have what it takes?
There are certain steps you can take to increase your chance of getting a casting. Here at J’adore, we look for certain attributes from an individual. You must be career-driven, enthusiastic, friendly, and confident. As a model, you are a brand and we expect you to represent us as an agency, also networking for your own benefit.

To be confident and likeable goes a long way. To be authentic in a demanding industry shows a strong personality that clients would want to work with again. In addition, we don’t have any restrictions for applications. Our agency’s values have always been to scout and develop incredible talent to push boundaries through real representation and diversity within the industry.

To become a model you can apply via our website at;, or alternatively email Please include your age, location, height, dress size, and three photographs: two makeup-free headshots and one full body.

When submitting your application, the stronger your photos the better! We encourage you to have natural, bright lighting with a plain background and to wear black/plain fitted clothing that shows your body shape. To be makeup-free and embrace your natural beauty is desired. We want to see the real you and celebrate individuality.

Finally, we do hold walk-in casting open to the public; Tuesdays & Thursdays 10AM-12PM

 See below our 5 top tips for scouting:

  1. Embrace your individuality and natural beauty. Let that show in your application. We want to get to know your personality too, not just your face.
  2. Take natural lighting photos that focus on you, the higher the res and quality the better. Please also wear black/plain fitted clothing to not be distracting. 
  3. Set our social profiles to public so we can view your profiles with ease. 
  4. For walk-ins check the times on the website to avoid a pointless journey and dress appropriately. 
  5. For your own safety, please ensure it is always an official J’adore account when responding to messages/ sending information about yourself.

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