1. Photo: Marcus by Jade Kewley

    Marcus by Jade Kewley

    We’re lovin this new shoot of  our boy Marcus. Styling and photgraphy by Jade Kewley. Scroll down for more! For bookings and enquiries call us on 0161 2227887 or email To see Marcus’ full portfolio click here and to follow him on insta check @marcusleyshon 🙂

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  2. Photo: New face: Alexia

    New face: Alexia

    Our beautiful new face looks incred in these new simplistic images from the wonderful Tom Davidson! Alexia is fully available for tests and bookings so give us a call on 0161 2227887 or email us on To check out Alexia’s full portfolio click here or take a look at her Instagram @lexiezumret.

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  3. Photo: New shokz on the block

    New shokz on the block

    We just have to share the newest addition to the J’adore fam – the super retro Shokz! This cool fella was scouted whilst on shift at Topman, Arndale by our lovely new intern Bethany – what a find! Shokz is testing, testing, testing so get in touch. Call us on 0161 2227887 or email […]

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  4. Photo: Hannah Burton for Allora Magazine

    Hannah Burton for Allora Magazine

    The little cutie Hannah Burton looks crazy beautiful in these new images by the awesome Jessie Rose. This newest editorial will be in the latest edition of Allora Magazine, also gracing us with her face as their cover girl (pics below). Our beaut Hannah.B is also signed with Body London and is fully available for tests and […]

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  5. Photo: Check out her Bootea: Madison

    Check out her Bootea: Madison

    The cutie Madison jetted off for a mini work holiday to Portugal for the new Bootea campaign – just your standard day in the office. We reckon in future the J’adore bookers should have to attend all these incredible trips – you know… to supervise. 😉 Pics to be released soon but if you can’t […]

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  6. Photo: Model Minutes: Rae in Paris

    Model Minutes: Rae in Paris

     After jetting off to Paris to play a superstars (pretend) gorgeous girlfriend, we had chance to grab a little catch up with the gorgeous Rae. Rae recently arrived home from one of the crazy fun jobs going – appearing in the new Courteeners video ‘Modern Love’. (Jel or what) Rae spoke to us about the current in’s and out’s […]

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  7. Photo: Fabian for Drop Dead

    Fabian for Drop Dead

    New face FABIAN shot for Drop Dead Clothing last week so we thought we’d share some sneaky previews at their latest drop with you guys. FABIAN, also a pretty sweet rapper – check his insta @fabianrichards is now fully available for all bookings and enquiries, call us on 0161 2227887 – He’ll also sing upon […]

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  8. Photo: Montanna featured on Hype Beast

    Montanna featured on Hype Beast

    The gorgeous Montanna has blown us away with this seriously cool editorial by Omar KG for HYPEBEAST. Check the full editorial here: . To see Montanna full port click here or follow her on Instagram @montanna97 . For bookings and enquiries call us on 0161 2227887 or email us on

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  9. Photo: Lexi by Chloe Winslet

    Lexi by Chloe Winslet

    Lexi gave us a totally different side to her look in her newest shots with the wonderful Chloe Winslet.  After appearing on Britain’s Next Top Model last year and dramatically changing her look, we think this 60’s Chelsea girl vibe shoot is a new signature style! To see more of Lexi click here or check out her Instagram @bntmlexi to see all the […]

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  10. Photo: Digi dates: Jasmin

    Digi dates: Jasmin

    One of our mainboard beauties, Jasmin, popped into J’adore HQ for a catch up and some gorgeous new polaroids. Our Irish babe Jasmin has just finished at Manchester Met University and has decided to start modelling full time (yay for us!) We’re super excited to get stuck in to making plans for the rest of […]

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  11. Photo: Maomi: now signed with Nevs

    Maomi: now signed with Nevs

    Our girl Maomi is now signed in London with our lovely pals at Nevs! After working super hard on her beautiful portfolio, we’re crazy excited to see where Maomi’s face will appear next! These new super chill images by Nate Visuals show just how natural it comes to this gal. To check out what this  chick gets up to […]

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  12. Photo: Wowwie Waly!

    Wowwie Waly!

    Our very own booker Jess legged it after Waly on Market street after the J’adore Christmas night out and aren’t we glad she did! Check out how incred Waly looks in these new images from Rosie Ann Butcher – what a babe. To see more of this stunning face click here to see full port or take a sneaky […]

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  13. Photo: ALEISHA for PLT


               Mainboard gal Aleisha shows some serious sass on set for PRETTY LITTLE THING. Aleisha was scouted on Instagram and just months later is now  Moving. Like. This. To see our babe’s full book click here .  Check out Aleisha’s Instagram account to see how far this in-demand gal has already come @leishwright Available for killer tests […]

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    If you know us, you’ll know how much we love to share share share gorgeous pics of our beaut models so when we got our hands on Jake Foden’s latest vids and pics we couldn’t wait to show you! Click each link to see their vids in portfolios 🙂 First up: see beautiful HANNAH G […]

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  15. Photo: Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby!

    Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby!

    Check out the crazy cool Ruby, absolutely rockin’ the super sleek look in these new images from Emma Wilson. Our auburn beauty has been testing like crazy and it’s definitely paying off. To see this ever growing, beautiful portfolio click here  or follow her on Instagram @rubyjemima to see what this babe gets up to in her spare […]

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  16. Photo: Do you wanna be in our gang?

    Do you wanna be in our gang?

    The crazy talented Chloe Charnock has once again graced us with some of the most beautiful images ever – no surprise there! Scroll down to see all our beautiful guys and girls on their latest tests with Chloe and her incred team (MUAs: Beth Hart / Emily Berry). To see individual profiles click the links […]

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    Hey all, over the next few weeks I will be interning with J’adore Models which gives me the perfect opportunity to share with you guys the latest gossip and behind the scenes info! I had the pleasure of working with some of our brand new faces and this week, I organised a quick test shoot with the amazing Jammy, who was rocking […]

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  18. Photo: New face alert: Jacob

    New face alert: Jacob

    Hot new face alert! The absolutely gorgeous Jacob has just joined the J’adore gang all the way from Ireland! Jacob, who is also signed with his mother agency I Am Models and Nevs is taking a gap year out to spoil us with his face for a while, so stick around – there are big things […]

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  19. Photo: Beach babe!

    Beach babe!

    Our girl Gigi looks incredibly beaut in these newly released images from ‘A Perfect Moments‘ new spring/ Summer 17 campaign. The ultimate beach babe jetted off to Ibiza to get these killer images and once again she hasn’t failed to surprise us with insane levels of hot! Too see more of the full campaign click […]

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  20. Photo: cool chick

    cool chick

    Just look at that face! We can’t get over how lucky we are to have this gorgeous new gal on our girls board. Beth came to us about a month ago and has blown us away with her constant flow of testing and incred images. To see more of the coolest chick out there click […]

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  21. Photo: Sassy or what!

    Sassy or what!

    Check out the outrageously sassy Olive, looking absolutely smokin’ in these new images from Robert Pearson. Our girl has been working incredibly hard and it’s definitely paying off! The beautiful Olive has blown us away in these pics and we couldn’t be prouder. You go girl! To see more of the incred Olive click here or give […]

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  22. Photo: New face: James

    New face: James

    Just look at our new guy James – how flippin’ rad. Super dude James is one of our newest faces to join our guys and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board! After being street scouted by Topman themselves, James appeared in the new regenerated Topman 17 Campaign and absolutely rocked the […]

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  23. Photo: Ursh takes New York! Q&A with our babe :)

    Ursh takes New York! Q&A with our babe :)

    Queen Ursh took on New York, absolutely blowing everyone away with her signature bangs, killer face and oh-so adorable personality! Ursula hit the Big Apple for an exciting week away full of incredible work, for incredible clients so we caught up with her fresh off the plane for all the gossip. What were your biggest […]

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  24. Photo: Belle for andbro

    Belle for andbro

      Our super cutie Belle has completely blown us away in these new images from Andbro. Giving us some fresh tomboy vibes, Belle continues to surprise us with her versatility and commitment to development! To see more of Belle’s portfolio click here or to keep up with more behind the scenes madness follow her @bellereid_ For […]

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